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GP elem Greencell AA 4 db

GP elem Greencell AA 4 db
272 Ft + ÁFA (345 Ft)
GP Greencell batteries are formulated to provide an economical and reliable power source for low to medium drain applications.

Stay in tune with the times for domestic
and day-to-day items by using value
to performance Greencell batteries.
They’re dependable, and offer an economical,
reliable power source for medium to low-drain
applications such as self-standing
or wall hanging timepieces. An ideal choice
for price-conscious customers.

Most suitable for:
Clocks; Toys; Remote Controls; Flashlights; Calculators.

- Cell Size: AA
- Nominal Voltage: 1,5 V
- Dimension (mm)
- Diameter:14.5
- Height:50.5

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